Sunday, July 8, 2012

committment issues.... with gardening

Because I am a renter, I have difficulty investing my blood, sweat, and tears into the house or land. Perhaps this is silly, but I figure that one day I will have a real "home" and the dark cloud of impermanence will float away. Nothing is truly permanent, but I don't want to make the perfect little garden.... and then leave it in 1-2 years. I just can't. This is partially why my vegetable garden is in my parents' backyard (also - I wanted to work on the veggie patch with my awesome mom).

That said, I still hang pictures on walls and plant a few flowers. My mom gave me some greens to put in the front yard (to cover the grave-like plot of dirt where the water line was excavated last fall). I haven't perfected the art of watering and the summer has been harsh, but a few stubborn buds bloomed quite nicely. There's this red thing that is either a dahlia or related to it (I'm obviously a floral expert), an ivy-like garland, and some white poofy things in full glory right now. Before the heat set in, the bleeding hearts were doing quite well, and I almost had 2 poppies. Almost. But they died.

All in all, I feel like I have made some nice additions to the front yard here. When I do move on, I will have left something a little better for the next person without feeling as though I made a major investment. For now, there are lovely blossoms that greet me every day. Yesssss.