Sunday, September 18, 2011

pizza party

Back in July, Justin and I decided to visit our dear friends Ingrid and William in San Diego. We had a fantastic time exploring the coast, visiting the zoo, touring the Midway, sampling the local brews, and watching goofy stuff on You Tube. All four of us enjoy food.... a lot..... so, aside from dining at some awesome restaurants, we decided to have a pizza party.

The idea was simple: we each made a crust, and had free range of all other ingredients in the house (within reason.... no one wants to spoil a good pizza, right?). We came up with a lovely array of pizzas (and some serious leftovers). I also think that the pizzas say something about our personalities.

The Leah Pizza: For my topping, I chose mushrooms, red peppers, marinara sauce, garlic, and I used only Parmesan cheese (which was a happy accident). I spent less time thinking about the toppings and far more time rolling out the crust to ensure that it was as close to circular as possible, because I generally spend way too much time perfecting pointless details. In the end though, it was tasty. And aesthetically pleasing.

The Ingrid Pizza: Ingrid has a vibrant personality and knows her way around a kitchen. It's no surprise that she added a colorful splash of arugula to her pizza. It was awesome. This was definitely my favorite pie of the night. I'm also a sucker for anything with the color green, and I love my veggies.

The Justin Pizza: Justin, unlike me, is good at tossing aside the silly details (like perfecting the shape of the crust) and just loads on the good stuff, like pepperoni, jalapenos, and cheese. Lots of cheese. He wins the award for the goofiest-looking pizza, but it was also the most robust. This pizza was intimidating.

The William Pizza: William is the artist. He cleverly rolled out a rectangular-shaped crust, and then ever-so-carefully laced various meat and vegetable toppings across an even veneer of golden cheese. Every layer spoke for itself. The last pizza was truly not least; it was, indeed, a masterpiece.

We sampled everyone's pizza, and decided that they were all good. YUM! We might have had to sample each of them twice... or more.... and then, bellies full, we rolled into our beds for the night. ZZZZZZ. Now that is how you spend a good vacation!

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  1. They all look yummy, but I want to eat a piece of Justin's pizza. Look at all the yummy cheese and pepperoni. mmmmmm.