Friday, July 22, 2011

the things I will keep

There are so many things that I will miss about New Mexico. Perhaps not the endless road construction, bad drivers, and Albuquerque sprawl.... but the good stuff. Lots of good stuff.

Cottonwood trees. Roadrunners. The Range Cafe. Vast open spaces. High desert trees, flowers, and cacti. Mountains. Big blue skies. Art. Culture. The Shidoni Foundry. Chile. Adobe. Dry air. The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Old lava flows. Luminarias. Proximity to other amazing sights in the southwest. Carlsbad Caverns. Madrid. Free spirits. A small airport. Chai from Winnings Coffee House. A city with a big heart. Volcanoes. Turquoise. The bellydance community. The Rio Grande. White Sands. The scent of PiƱon. Local bands. Local brews. Living in a place that rhymes with "quirky".

Last but not least, I am moving away from some dear friends. The kind of friends with whom you can talk or not talk, laugh or not laugh, do stuff or not do stuff... the wonderfully comfy kind of friends.

I remind myself that this is not "the final goodbye", it's more like "until next time" or "see you later". I could not stay away forever. Part of me will always live here, or maybe New Mexico will live in me. Either way, I will be back to see the people and places that have become such an important part of my life.


  1. haha the code it asked me to type to post that last comment was "sarnized". ?? Like sarnie? Is that a word, sarnized? You've been sarnized. Sammiched, as it were.