Thursday, June 9, 2011

a refurbished sundress

I am not a particularly talented seamstress, but I can hem a pair of pants and replace a button. Recently, though, I decided to step it up a notch. I spied a (super-cheap) sundress at a local thrift store a while back, and decided that I would try to modify it. The straps were spindly and falling off, there were pockets (I don't like dresses with pockets!!), and although I thought the colors were nice, there was a band of brown and black at the base of the skirt (below the knee) that just didn't work for me. For a couple bucks, I thought it looked like a good project.

I cut off the bottom 8 inches of the skirt, which included a nice band of orange with which I made some wide straps. I stitched the pocket openings and removed the extra fabric, hemmed the bottom, and - voila! I'm so happy with the outcome, I'm dancing in our oil-stained driveway.

This required very little talent and creativity, but it was fun to reinvent something, however small. I'm certainly up for trying this again, and someday setting the tension on my sewing machine correctly in less than three tries.

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