Sunday, May 8, 2011

all the pretty birdies

When it comes to the winged kind, our backyard is mostly populated with morning doves and pigeons. Every now and then, we see a finch. This weekend, Justin and I decided to encourage the finches to spend more time in our yard.

They were wary at first, but the house finches began to test the waters. If you build it, he will come....

...and then they were swooping in from everywhere! Yay!

Soon enough, they were acting like they owned the place.

Now we're trying to lure in the gold finches. :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by Holyoke Home! We have a HERD of aggressive brown sparrows I CANNOT get rid of. They seem to be keeping all the native birds away. Any suggestions?

  2. Actually, I know next to nothing about birds (although I hope to change that)! I learned a little about how to attract finches and deter pigeons after I visited my local backyard birdie shop: Maybe there is a similar place in your neck of the woods that can offer some advice... or just give this place a try - they love to help!