Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's go, feet.

It's time to start running again! I've taken a way-too-long break which has put me back at square one, but I figure it's okay as long as I start again.

For motivation, Justin and I have signed up for the Albuquerque Zoo Run, which we have done for the past couple years, in addition to a few other local 5K runs. I'm back to my 5K running program, which worked well the first time around.

Intervals are key. If I try to run the whole thing without building up over time, I will finish, BUT I will burn out and decide that running sucks (again) and I'll be back to square one (again). This is not the goal here.

I am also reading The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It. While I know all-to-well that I will never be a 4-minute-miler.... or a 6-minute-miler.... or anything that might be considered fast, I love the story. The determination and the motivation fascinates me. Even if you loathe running, you might like this book. Really. While I hope it motivates me to hit the trails and the road, perhaps it will motivate you to do something else you've been hoping to begin.

Go forth, and do that thing (whatever 'that thing' may be)!


  1. I will totally check out that book! I just started running the couch to 5k and I'm really enjoying running (who knew? I hated it as a kid).

  2. ooh, so exciting! i'm on the final week of couch to 5k, and am SO HAPPY to be back running. it's been far too long!