Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's always the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

San Francisco is delightful in December. The cable cars are all done up in holiday attire, and there's a lovely hum in the air that I associate with good cheer. I'm hoping to keep the good vibes going in 2011.

If a bad day lands on me, I'm going to imagine myself riding up a crooked street on a cable car, heading for a good cup of coffee and a view of the coast. It never hurts to have a healthy stash of positive imagery in your pocket for emergency situations.

Happy January to all.


  1. A stash of pocket imagery. That's a lovely idea :) I am fascinated by San Francisco, have always wanted to visit :)

  2. Thanks! You should definitely visit, and be sure to spend plenty of time at the City Lights Bookstore in North Beach. :)

  3. Sometimes I sing the 'raindrops on roses' song from the Sound of Music, but I put in my own favorite things. That helps me get through winter.....a little.