Friday, October 8, 2010

In Which Leah Ventures Into the Kitchen Again

I'm trying to be a cook again.

Every time I've attempted this in the past, I've thrown my hands (and potholders) up in disgust and stormed away.

So we shall see.

I successfully made crab cakes last week, and even Justin approved. And - get this - I MODIFIED the recipe. That's unheard of in my world. But doing so made me feel like I took a big, badass leap forward in the food world.

Additionally, I purchased a real knife. Like, one that actually slices through things. It's amazing, really, what a good knife can do. Perhaps this has been my problem all along: I was always prone to kitchen knife injuries (and my mom no longer allows me to use them in my parents' kitchen!), but maybe the knives just sucked. Huh.

Hopefully this knife can cut the spaghetti squash I bought today. I've never baked a squash in my life. Sure, I've eaten many, but I've never done the work. I also plan to cut open a pumpkin and make a pie... and no, I've never made a pie (of any sort) before in my life, either.

"What did she ever eat?!?!?" You may wonder to yourself. Sometimes I wonder that same thing. I think I ate a lot of Chef Boyardee Ravioli.


  1. congrats on the new knife! now, you have to keep it sharp. get a hand-held manual sharpener. william swore by it - i thought he was crazy. now, i don't do any major cooking without sharpening our knives first. who knew?!
    happy cooking!! :o)

  2. Hey Ingi! Thanks for the cooking wishes. :) We actually have 2 knife sharpeners, but I think we need a replacement - they are old and apparently ineffective!