Friday, October 22, 2010

get in the kitchen and make me a pie (pretty please, with whipped cream on top)

Pick out a happy little sugar pumpkin. Have a bonding moment and watch the leaves turn outside.

Thank the pumpkin for taking part in your culinary experiment. Now cut it open (don't worry, the pumpkin can't feel a thing). Scoop out the goop - that's the fun part. Be sure to coat those seeds in a bit of olive oil, add a sprinkling of salt, and bake. It's good snacking while you're hard at work in the kitchen.

Slice the pumpkin into chunks and steam in a pot with a bit of water. When the pumpkin pieces are soft and cool, smoosh them up. It's fun to squish the pumpkin between your fingers. Add a bunch of tasty goodness to the pumpkin mush in a perky-colored mixing bowl.

Pour the bowl of yummy orange stuff into a pie crust and bake.

Slice. Serve. Eat.

Everybody wins!


  1. The pie looks yummy :) I love all the pictures on your blog :)

  2. Thank you very much! I'm pleased with my pumpkin pie. (Psssst - the secret ingredient is lemon zest!)