Monday, September 27, 2010

the splendor of the tomato

I like tomatoes. I like them in soups, salads, and even sliced with a sprinkling of salt. Tomatoes are good.

But oh. Oh. I had no idea.

One day, late this summer, I was out shopping for groceries when I noticed a stand with assorted red gems and a sign that read "heirloom tomatoes". I was made aware of the existence of heirloom plants not to long ago (embarrassing, but I'm trying here), and I thought I would pick one out and give it a go.

I present to you the beautiful Cherokee Purple Tomato.

I was tempted to do a Weston-esque photo series with this as my subject, but I was hungry.

Not only is it a looker, but it's super tasty. It was love at first bite. This tomato may not be new to the rest of the world, but it's new to me. One day, I will have a garden littered with these beauties.

It pays to stray from your normal path in the grocery store. I promise.


  1. We grew these in our garden this year! They were yummy.

  2. I didn't know what this tomato was called until I asked you about it! I'm raiding your garden next year. ;)