Saturday, September 11, 2010

live show list

I just bought tickets to see Spoon, and I decided to compile a list of the bands I've seen live (at least those that immediately come to mind, and in no particular order):

PJ Harvey ----- The woman is amazing.
David Bowie ---- My hero.
Iron & Wine ---- Gorgeous acoustics and voice.
Moby ---- This is how you get the party started.
Peter Gabriel ---- Classic talent.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ---- Tom, you will always rock.
Tori Amos ---- The musical nymph at her piano... how many times now? 3?
Beirut ---- Almost haunting. Fantastic live show.
Garbage ---- Fun, but I don't really listen to them anymore. Hmm.
Rammstein ---- Um, that was interesting...
Alanis Morissette ---- A high school favorite. Her first album was the best.
U2 ---- Great performers, but the stage was too far away.
Stabbing Westward ---- I grew out of them, but at the time it was fun.
Sting ---- A great set, a great voice.
Joan Jett ---- Best part of a political convention I attended!
R.E.M. ---- Impressive versatility. Great live show.
The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page ---- The best live show I've EVER seen.
Kansas ---- They still have energy, man.
Eric Clapton ---- Brilliant, particularly because it was the blues tour.
Dave Matthews Band ---- A high school/college thing... maybe 3 shows?
Brian May (of Queen) ---- A legend.
Crowded House ---- Long live the 80's.
Stereo MCs ---- High school. But fun.
The Shins ---- Phenomenal show and sound! Now for Broken Bells.
James ---- Also awesome and underrated.
Kathleen Edwards ---- Huge in Canada, small show in the U.S. I win!
Wilco ---- I didn't know I was seeing greatness at the time (damn).
Tegan and Sara ---- More Canadian talent. Great songwriters.
Reverend Horton Heat ---- Rockabilly good times.
The Swell Season ---- I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would.
Depeche Mode ---- Awesome 80's pop. The feather boa did it for me.
Neko Case ---- Can I have her voice? Please?
Morrissey ---- Yessssss.
Aerosmith ---- Classic. Had to do it.
Smashing Pumpkins ---- Great show, except Darcy had left the band.

and those I still hope to see...

Beck ---- Hello, talent!
The Black Keys ---- Only the best thing that's happened to music in years!
Radiohead ---- How could I not want to see them?
The National ---- Low key, but lovely.

Tell me about your favorite show!


  1. Quite a nice list of shows! Where did you see PJ Harvey? She is my absolute favorite and fortunately I did get to see her once when we lived in NYC. One of the best shows ever.

    Other favorite shows...Sleater Kinney, Mekons, AC/DC, Loretta Lynn/White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Sally Timms and lots of small shows w/ friends' bands playing.

    Where are you going to see Spoon?

  2. I saw PJ Harvey in Chicago ~10 years ago. I grew up 30 outside of the city, so I had the opportunity to see a lot of bands. PJ rocks.

    I should have added White Stripes to my wish list. I've never heard 2 people make so much good noise - they are amazing!

    Spoon is going to play at the Sunshine Theater in ABQ next month. Tickets are still available, so you should check it out!