Monday, September 27, 2010

the splendor of the tomato

I like tomatoes. I like them in soups, salads, and even sliced with a sprinkling of salt. Tomatoes are good.

But oh. Oh. I had no idea.

One day, late this summer, I was out shopping for groceries when I noticed a stand with assorted red gems and a sign that read "heirloom tomatoes". I was made aware of the existence of heirloom plants not to long ago (embarrassing, but I'm trying here), and I thought I would pick one out and give it a go.

I present to you the beautiful Cherokee Purple Tomato.

I was tempted to do a Weston-esque photo series with this as my subject, but I was hungry.

Not only is it a looker, but it's super tasty. It was love at first bite. This tomato may not be new to the rest of the world, but it's new to me. One day, I will have a garden littered with these beauties.

It pays to stray from your normal path in the grocery store. I promise.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

and to all a good night

I made an effort this Sunday to enjoy and appreciate my time instead of feeling lumpy about "the day before Monday". I did not master this, but I did pretty well. Justin and I had some nice, lazy moments, and we still managed to clean and organize parts of the house. For dinner, I made pasta and plucked some basil and rosemary from the mini herb garden to add to the sauce. It was tasty (and the fake meatballs weren't bad at all). Now I'm going to curl up in my freshly-made bed and read a chapter of "All Creatures Great and Small" before I go to Sleepytown.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and may you all sleep well.

Moonman Touches the Earth, pencil and pastel on paper, 8"x12"
Leah Johnson, 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2010

live show list

I just bought tickets to see Spoon, and I decided to compile a list of the bands I've seen live (at least those that immediately come to mind, and in no particular order):

PJ Harvey ----- The woman is amazing.
David Bowie ---- My hero.
Iron & Wine ---- Gorgeous acoustics and voice.
Moby ---- This is how you get the party started.
Peter Gabriel ---- Classic talent.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ---- Tom, you will always rock.
Tori Amos ---- The musical nymph at her piano... how many times now? 3?
Beirut ---- Almost haunting. Fantastic live show.
Garbage ---- Fun, but I don't really listen to them anymore. Hmm.
Rammstein ---- Um, that was interesting...
Alanis Morissette ---- A high school favorite. Her first album was the best.
U2 ---- Great performers, but the stage was too far away.
Stabbing Westward ---- I grew out of them, but at the time it was fun.
Sting ---- A great set, a great voice.
Joan Jett ---- Best part of a political convention I attended!
R.E.M. ---- Impressive versatility. Great live show.
The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page ---- The best live show I've EVER seen.
Kansas ---- They still have energy, man.
Eric Clapton ---- Brilliant, particularly because it was the blues tour.
Dave Matthews Band ---- A high school/college thing... maybe 3 shows?
Brian May (of Queen) ---- A legend.
Crowded House ---- Long live the 80's.
Stereo MCs ---- High school. But fun.
The Shins ---- Phenomenal show and sound! Now for Broken Bells.
James ---- Also awesome and underrated.
Kathleen Edwards ---- Huge in Canada, small show in the U.S. I win!
Wilco ---- I didn't know I was seeing greatness at the time (damn).
Tegan and Sara ---- More Canadian talent. Great songwriters.
Reverend Horton Heat ---- Rockabilly good times.
The Swell Season ---- I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would.
Depeche Mode ---- Awesome 80's pop. The feather boa did it for me.
Neko Case ---- Can I have her voice? Please?
Morrissey ---- Yessssss.
Aerosmith ---- Classic. Had to do it.
Smashing Pumpkins ---- Great show, except Darcy had left the band.

and those I still hope to see...

Beck ---- Hello, talent!
The Black Keys ---- Only the best thing that's happened to music in years!
Radiohead ---- How could I not want to see them?
The National ---- Low key, but lovely.

Tell me about your favorite show!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

thinking about San Francisco

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) hosts an epic meeting in San Francisco every December in which geochemists, climate modelers, hydrologists, planetary physicists, and all kinds of other scientists gather to present their research. I just submitted an abstract yesterday, and I'm looking forward to attending. The science is great.... and San Francisco is AMAZING! I adore that city.

I love it so much, I will risk the freezing waters to say hello to the bay.

I will push my way through the obnoxious tourist traps in Fisherman's Wharf to visit the sea lions.

I will brave the fog to have a great cup of coffee in North Beach.

I will cast aside my crowd-phobia to wander the festive streets of Chinatown.

I will allow the authorities to put Justin away for a while in Alcatraz (just kidding, no deal!).

I can't wait.