Saturday, July 3, 2010

a cozy and colorful place on the Cape

I'm not much of a house-gawker. It's just not my thing. I usually find certain nooks that tickle my fancy, run my fingers over an old, worn, wooden bookshelf, things like that.... but I don't often walk into a house going "oooh, aaah" at everything.

I am a changed person.

The house is nestled away in the woods, which is always a perk for me. I can't get enough green now that I live in the desert. High desert greenery does exist- I embrace the piƱon pines- but it's not the same. I love me a lush canopy of tree tops.

Now, up the steps and in through the little blue-green door...

And you will find that the inside is bathed in natural light.

Soon, you will notice that dogs are everywhere to greet you.

They are more than willing to help you select some fine reading material.

Curl up with a book on a sofa of sunlight beneath some original artwork by one of the homeowners. You know you want to.

As you wander your way toward the kitchen, the brightly-colored accents can cheer any rainy day (and, in fact, it was a cold and rainy day). Do we need to see these chairs up close? Yes we do.

All kinds of company can be found in the kitchen... beep.

Hey, are those oven mitts doggie-shaped?

And the salt and pepper shakers?

Excellent. Everyone needs a pair.

Ignore the sink, here. This isn't about the sink. Look at those panels. LOVE those panels.

Let's visit the room in which I stayed. I'm still trying to figure out how to detatch it and take it home with me...

Can every day start with rainbows streaming in through my window? Please?
Ah yes, that window:

Ok, the screen can give you a bit of a headache- don't stare too long. Please note, though, the gorgeous colored glass. Mmmm.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any more pictures in this room. I had good intentions, but it didn't happen. My bed had a bunch of fish pillows. They were good company. There was also a sliding glass door that opened to the back porch and a leafy green world.

Now, let's move upstairs.

We can peer over the rafters and into the kitchen...

Hello, Mr. Fox. He keeps Mr. Fish company:

Look at that little nook of light. And I love rafters. Especially when they are put to good use.


More light.

More fish.

What's not to love? Ingrid and I had a great time. It was great to come back here after a rainy afternoon combing the beach (which was awesome- just a bit chilly and wet). We had a fantastic seafood dinner, then picked up some ice cream and watched chick flicks. After a good night's sleep, we were ready to tour around the Cape for a spell and then head back to the city.

Thanks for the lovely stay!

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