Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beastie Wild Things and the Hot Summer Day

It's summer. And it's hot. The Beastie Wild Things don't like it. They have lots of fur, and they don't want to run around outside like they normally do. This means that they are BORED.

"It's too hot outside. I am going to lay on this bed all day and be pitiful," says the Little Red Beastie Wild Thing.
"I'm booooored," yawns the Little Gray Beastie Wild Thing.

I have an idea.

"What's this?" Asks the Little Red Beastie.
"Yeah, these are weird!" says the Little Gray Beastie.
"They are sharks," I explain.

"I'm going to chew on mine," states Little Red Beastie.
"That's the idea," I say.
Little Gray Beastie, who likes to carefully observe things, watches to make sure nothing strange happens before she touches hers.

"Rrrrmph phmmgrrrphm," says Little Red Beastie, with a shark in his mouth.
"Well, nothing weird happened to him, so I guess these blue squeaky shark things are ok, " Little Gray Beastie admits, "in fact, they do look interesting."

Little Red Beastie: nom nom!
Little Blue Stuffed Shark: squeak squeak!

"Hey, look at me!" laughs Little Gray Beastie, "I'm making a shark face!"
And so the Beasties had a fun day indoors after all. The End.

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