Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Villette looks good on the nightstand.

This post has two purposes:

1) to show off the nightstand that Justin helped me make (not that you can really admire the craftsmanship here, but just know that I'm pleased with our efforts), and

2) to announce that I have just finished reading Villette, another novel by the masterful writer Charlotte Brontë. This was the last novel she completed in her short life, and it's beautiful. Jane Eyre is still my favorite by far, but I really enjoyed the characters in this story. There are romantic interests, of course, but the main character, Lucy Snowe, is primarily interested in becoming independent and self-sufficient.

After reading other books about the Brontë sisters themselves (both nonfiction and fiction), Villette seems so much like an adaptation of Charlotte's own life. I'm really fascinated by the Brontë's lives and their stories as they overlap in many ways.

So.... what next? Which book will be the next to grace my lovely nightstand? :)

I think I am going to take a brief Brontë-break, but they will be back. I haven't read any of Anne's novels yet.

Also, Justin needs a nightstand for his side of the bed now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beastie Wild Things and the Hot Summer Day

It's summer. And it's hot. The Beastie Wild Things don't like it. They have lots of fur, and they don't want to run around outside like they normally do. This means that they are BORED.

"It's too hot outside. I am going to lay on this bed all day and be pitiful," says the Little Red Beastie Wild Thing.
"I'm booooored," yawns the Little Gray Beastie Wild Thing.

I have an idea.

"What's this?" Asks the Little Red Beastie.
"Yeah, these are weird!" says the Little Gray Beastie.
"They are sharks," I explain.

"I'm going to chew on mine," states Little Red Beastie.
"That's the idea," I say.
Little Gray Beastie, who likes to carefully observe things, watches to make sure nothing strange happens before she touches hers.

"Rrrrmph phmmgrrrphm," says Little Red Beastie, with a shark in his mouth.
"Well, nothing weird happened to him, so I guess these blue squeaky shark things are ok, " Little Gray Beastie admits, "in fact, they do look interesting."

Little Red Beastie: nom nom!
Little Blue Stuffed Shark: squeak squeak!

"Hey, look at me!" laughs Little Gray Beastie, "I'm making a shark face!"
And so the Beasties had a fun day indoors after all. The End.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the old bedroom

My parents added a second floor to the house when I was in elementary school, so I spent most of my years upstairs in an awesome and huge bedroom all to myself. I still, however, have fond memories of the little room downstairs that I shared with my little brother for a few years.

The walls were white, and the carpet was a funky brownish-yellow color right out of the seventies. I had this really cool ceiling lamp in red and yellow glass that I made my mom save for me (against her will) because I want to use it again someday. The closet was in a corner, and there were shelves in the adjacent wall that were really deep. I was sure that the Jabberwocky lived in there. Fortunately, I had a nighlight by my bed to keep me safe, along with four baby blankets, Bunny, and several other stuffed animals. I had some random bedding when I was really small, but I distinctly remember the day that my mom surprised me and had made my bed up with Rainbow Brite sheets. That was great. They paired wonderfully with my Michael Jackson poster and miscellaneous Justice League of America decorations. ;)

My little brother Drew was still in a crib when we shared that room, and I used to get out of bed at night and dance around with a flashlight to make him laugh. Then, of course, I would hear feet marching towards our room, and I would dive back under the covers in hopes that my parents would think that Drew was just having a random laughing fit all by himself. I have a feeling they caught on. But it was fun. I liked that little room. It felt safe (except for the Jabberwocky).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's too hot.

Usually, when I tell people that I live in New Mexico, they say something like "geez, it must get really hot in summer". Usually, I respond with something like "well, it can get pretty warm, but Albuquerque is technically 'high desert' so it's not like Phoenix or anything".

This is true.


It's been really hot for the last couple weeks. I'm not sure if I'm just more sensitive to it than I used to be, but I'm dreaming of frozen lakes and snowshoes right about now. I've never been a fan of summer weather, but I've been absolutely pathetic lately. The heat just makes me sleepy and grouchy (maybe Grouchy Leah and the Beastie Wild Things need to make an appearance and address this issue). I want to live somewhere with three seasons: winter, spring, and fall. Repeat. That would be perfect. If you find this place, let me know!

I do try, though.

I've planted a few things in the front yard, and I appreciate the yummy herbs and pretty flowers. These are summer things, Leah. See? Summer isn't so bad. I thrive in the evening when the sun goes down and my world is calm and cool. See? Summer is the only season that provides a distinct "cool evening". Isn't that nice? New Mexico isn't particularly green, but summer boasts the most of my beloved green, as well as other brilliant pigments.

Ok, there aren't many orchids blooming in New Mexico, but you get the idea.

I'm working on it. In the meantime, I'm guzzling iced tea and enjoying the summer pallette (yet secretly dreaming of hot chocolate by frosted window panes).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

my own space

After Justin's brother moved out, we decided that his room should become a guest room AND my art space. All mine. Mine mine mine. I really missed having a nook of my own, so this sounded like a grand plan. Now, (minus a storage shelf for my supplies), the space is done and usable. YES.

It may not seem like much. But to me, it's huge. Unless we have a guest, the room is essentially mine. I can get lost in paint and any other medium of choice. Yay! I am also teaching myself guitar right now, so it's nice to close the door and strum away without inflicting pain on Justin's ears- only my own. ;)

Look: I've already managed to clutter the surface of my drafting table. Excellent, yes? I've already been painting (see easel in photo #1) and revisiting the Jane Eyre egg art. Awww yeeeaah.

The dogs think that the room - particularly the bed - belongs to them. They like to mess up the sheets. That's ok. It's entertaining.

Paint on, friends!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

a cozy and colorful place on the Cape

I'm not much of a house-gawker. It's just not my thing. I usually find certain nooks that tickle my fancy, run my fingers over an old, worn, wooden bookshelf, things like that.... but I don't often walk into a house going "oooh, aaah" at everything.

I am a changed person.

The house is nestled away in the woods, which is always a perk for me. I can't get enough green now that I live in the desert. High desert greenery does exist- I embrace the piñon pines- but it's not the same. I love me a lush canopy of tree tops.

Now, up the steps and in through the little blue-green door...

And you will find that the inside is bathed in natural light.

Soon, you will notice that dogs are everywhere to greet you.

They are more than willing to help you select some fine reading material.

Curl up with a book on a sofa of sunlight beneath some original artwork by one of the homeowners. You know you want to.

As you wander your way toward the kitchen, the brightly-colored accents can cheer any rainy day (and, in fact, it was a cold and rainy day). Do we need to see these chairs up close? Yes we do.

All kinds of company can be found in the kitchen... beep.

Hey, are those oven mitts doggie-shaped?

And the salt and pepper shakers?

Excellent. Everyone needs a pair.

Ignore the sink, here. This isn't about the sink. Look at those panels. LOVE those panels.

Let's visit the room in which I stayed. I'm still trying to figure out how to detatch it and take it home with me...

Can every day start with rainbows streaming in through my window? Please?
Ah yes, that window:

Ok, the screen can give you a bit of a headache- don't stare too long. Please note, though, the gorgeous colored glass. Mmmm.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any more pictures in this room. I had good intentions, but it didn't happen. My bed had a bunch of fish pillows. They were good company. There was also a sliding glass door that opened to the back porch and a leafy green world.

Now, let's move upstairs.

We can peer over the rafters and into the kitchen...

Hello, Mr. Fox. He keeps Mr. Fish company:

Look at that little nook of light. And I love rafters. Especially when they are put to good use.


More light.

More fish.

What's not to love? Ingrid and I had a great time. It was great to come back here after a rainy afternoon combing the beach (which was awesome- just a bit chilly and wet). We had a fantastic seafood dinner, then picked up some ice cream and watched chick flicks. After a good night's sleep, we were ready to tour around the Cape for a spell and then head back to the city.

Thanks for the lovely stay!