Monday, June 14, 2010


I just returned to Albuquerque after spending a few days with the family back home in Chicago, and then another few days with my dear friend Ingrid in Boston. Good people, good times. I needed it. Photos and stories will follow shortly....

In the meantime: genetics. Why, you ask? Well, time with mom, dad, and brother always make me think about who donated what and whether or not it's fair ("Why did my brother get the thick eyelashes??? Why did I get these goofy teeth???"). Additionally, I covered the basics of genetics and Punnett Squares during my last week teaching 7th grade science... and it was super-awesome.

Alien insects are invading!!! Coins were flipped to determine whether or not the bugs possessed dominant or recessive traits, and they were constructed accordingly. In the end: masterpieces.

 Spending time with the kiddies and funky science projects was a great escape from lab work and research last semester. I will miss it.

In the end... I may have goofy teeth, but at least I don't have antennae.

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