Monday, May 17, 2010

Plan B.

Right now, I am more than a little frustrated with this PhD business. This could be a major rut, or maybe I need to do something else. Maybe I still need to finish, and then do something else. I don't know. I don't expect to figure this out any time soon. I think it's healthy, though, to reexamine where you are and explore options from time to time.

I like to research other possibilities. All kinds of things.... plausible careers, not-so-plausible careers (i.e. the circus), because it makes me feel better about my choices, whether I take them or not. Sure, it can be thought of as an escape, but it also helps me figure things out.

I have figured out, for example, that I like problem-solving, especially when I can help other people. Once upon a time I was more shy and reclusive, and thought that I would never want a people-oriented job. Now I'm ok with that.

I have also figured out that I need to make art a component of my daily life.... not "when I have time" or "when the mood strikes", but a regular practice. So, in keeping with that goal, I crafted a "Plan B" notebook in which I can write down all of my musings about being an astronaut or a house painter or whatever. All my research goes in there. It's a simple little book with my personal touch added to the cover. That is all. But it makes me happy, and serves its purpose.

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  1. Lovely notebook and great idea.

    Also, thanks for the comment. I wanted to send you a quick note but couldn't find email here or flickr mail on flickr. So comment will have to suffice.

    Very much appreciate hearing from you and glad to discover your blog! Thanks so much for your kind words about my work. I really like your work on Flickr and also find your studies/belly dancing/life in general super interesting!

    Hope we both can start getting better sleep!