Sunday, May 2, 2010

indoor greens

Plants usually die in my care. Or, they did, anyway. When last year's lavender started to come back in full force, I took it as a sign that I was no longer cursed as the gardening grim reaper. Soon after receiving assurance from the lavender, I spied Jen Wallace's post and decided to grow some indoor greens of my own. Additionally (and oddly), I found some Swiss Chard seeds on my art table that same week. Where did they come from? Did I buy them? Did my mom send them to me once upon a time? Pushing aside my fears of early-onset Alzheimer's for the moment, I set to work with my little patch o' greens.

As suggested in the aforementioned blog post, I re-purposed a plastic spinach container to host my indoor greens. I punched some holes in the bottom, and used the lid as a tray for collecting water. Before you do this, though, be sure to make yourself an awesome salad.

Add some soil, and plant your seeds as instructed. I just planted what I had and crossed my fingers.

I was a little intimidated when I noticed the word 'giant' on the seed package, but I've read that Swiss Chard does just fine indoors. Some thinning will probably be required later, but I won't count my chickens (or chard) before hatching.

I found a home for my seeds by our living room window on a bookshelf. They tray receives plenty of sun. I also acquired a misting bottle to spray my little seed-babies.

2 weeks later.... wee sprouts! Woohoo! I am very proud. In my world, this is a major accomplishment. If I can add them to a salad someday, that will be epic. I will keep you posted.

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