Sunday, April 11, 2010

a very belly weekend

This weekend, the amazing Rachel Brice came to town to teach a tribal fusion bellydance workshop. I participated in the 2-hour class on Friday. She also taught 4-hour classes on Saturday and Sunday, but I figured my brain would just turn to mush if I tried to do it all. The workshop was great - a little tight in terms of space, but certainly worth it. Rachel is a great teacher, and she reads her students well. She is delightful to watch, even when she's demonstrating just a snippet of choreography or going over technique. The description may be clichéd, but it is hard to describe her movement as anything other than serpentine. It's fascinating. Go watch a video on You Tube. She doesn't disappoint!

Rachel Brice performed at the Sly Tymey Show on Saturday night. I was particularly excited to go to the show because it also featured Clan Tynker, a local circus family. They are amazing! I want to be the 6th Tynker..... still working out the details there.... hmmm. Anyway, they are talented, comedic, engaging, and absolutely awesome. I can't wait to see them again!

On Friday night after the short workshop, there was a hafla that included performances and live music for anyone who cared to get up and dance. It is great to watch all of the talent that lives in your own town. I performed with Bastet as part of her student troupe, Jewels of the Gutter. Good times. I love dancing around in my tribal belt- wheeee! As fun as performing can be, though, I definitely prefer to sit back and admire the talent of others.

Hooping has become pretty popular as of late, so hoops were available for the crowd on Friday night. I decided to buy a hoop from a local hooper on Saturday night after the show. It is pretty sweet! It's decorated with colored electrical tape and pages out of an old book. It has a larger diameter and greater weight than the little plastic hula hoops I played with as a kid. This actually makes hooping easier (counter-intuitive, I know). I'll let you know if I manage to pull off any fancy tricks ;)

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