Tuesday, April 6, 2010

skies upon skies

I admire the work of others far more than I do my own. Still, I am entitled to a few personal favorites, and I am quite pleased with this one. I based this sunset on a series of pics I snapped while driving through the flat (and usually boring) part of eastern Colorado, before the Rockies affront you with their splendor. The clouds and colors were spectacular; I had never seen anything like it. I really liked the contrast of the bold and pulsing sky against  the simple landscape of power lines and farm houses.

Behind this painting is another sky painting. That one just didn't work for me. I grumbled over my efforts for about a year before I decided to just paint over it with something different- something that really grabbed me. I do this a lot, actually. This sunset isn't going anywhere, I assure you... but if the paint is ever scraped from my canvases one day, many other paintings will be found (oooh, mysterious...).

I have a two new paintings underway right now- another landscape, and an abstract (diptych) for my brother. I am thinking about veering away from my painting "style" (if I have such a thing) and trying something new. I'm fumbling around with what I want to achieve still, so I'll spare the audience from the internal ramblings (as if any of this isn't rambling.... um....), but I'm excited to experiment with some new ideas, and maybe new media, too. It will certainly be influenced by recent literature obsessions.... ahem....

Now, back to lab analyses and all that science stuff.... at least until the sun sets. ;)

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