Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I sought the garden

A splendid midsummer shone over England: skies so pure, suns so radiant as were then seen in long succession, seldom favor, ever singly, our wave-girt land. It was as if a band of Italian days had come from the South, like a flock of glorious passenger-birds, and lighted to rest them on the cliffs of Albion.

It was now the sweetest hour of the twenty-four: 'Day its fervid fires has wasted,' and dew fell cool on plain and scorching summit.

The east had its own charm of fine deep blue, and its own modest gem, a rising and solitary star: soon it would boast the moon...

Jane Eyre, Chapter XXIII

 This isn't quite how I picture Jane's world, but for me, this little series of photos from the archives capture (somewhat) the mood of that fine summer eve. I love this chapter. *sigh*


On another note, for any of you out there who enjoy being read to (which I sometimes do), there is an excellent version of Jane Eyre read by Lucy Scott. I think she does a wonderful job of bringing Jane's spirit to life, and her Rochester is spot on. Let Jane Eyre fill your ears!

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  1. i love the moon photograph! and i agree about the audiobook -- sometimes i get so much more when i hear a book read out loud, even if it's one i've read in print a zillion times (like jane). i'll have to look for this narrator -- the one i listened to was narrated by flo gibson, and while she was wonderful for grown-up jane, i thought her voice was a bit too mature for young jane.