Monday, April 26, 2010

Grouchy Leah and the Beastie Wild Things

Sometimes, being an adult really sucks. When it sucks to be an adult, I wear my bat hat and turn into a child. Then I can officially pout.

The Beastie Wild Things come over to say hello.
"Why are you pouting?" Says one.
"Yeah, cheer up!" Says the other.

"I'll lick your face until you giggle!" Says the Little Gray Beastie Wild Thing.
The Little Red Beastie Wild Thing hunts around to be sure that no Grouchy Humbugs are lurking.

Yay! Now I'm happy again. Pouting isn't any fun. Let's play instead.

"Let the Wild Rumpus begin!"

Photos by Justin

Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are: an AMAZING children's book by Maurice Sendak (which was, unfortunately, revamped and turned into a crappy movie... but I'm happy now, so there's no time to gripe over that).


  1. That first picture is awesome! hahaha

  2. this is awesome leah! the bat hat to pout and your wild beasties. such beautiful dogs. (i also did not like the movie, such a disappointment.)