Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brontë-Along? Yes please!

Could I have timed my Jane Eyre obsession any better? For weeks now, I have been drooling over the BBC film (2006 version with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson.... uh, yummy?) and rereading the book, thinking that I was alone in my dreamy little Brontë world. So wrong! I started a blog just this week.... and discovered that the lovely ladies at eggplantia were hosting a hoppin' Jane Eyre party: The Brontë-Along! Count me in.

Do I have to watch the movie again? Well, if you insist...

As far as the crafty bit goes: I have a mixed media idea in my head.... but I can't promise realization any time soon. For now, I will focus on some Brontë/Jane Eyre-inspired photography, and my dear copy of the book.

I love my copy of Jane Eyre. My mom found it for me once upon a time. I don't know how old it is since the page with the printing information has long since fallen out of the book. I do know that it was printed in Chicago, and I like the decorations printed on the inside cover in green ink:

I secretly (well, not any more!) enjoy the fact that I share a name with a character in the book:

Leah delivers candles so well.

Read on, fellow Brontë lovers!

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  1. woah! awesome timing, indeed! so glad you have joined the bronte-along--- welcome!
    just poked around your blog for a sec--- we also have bellydance in common! i just did an hour of drills this week for the first time in years. i studied with Cheri Berens for two years in the late 90's and I miss it!