Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the artsy egg escape

It's finally feeling like spring around here. The plants (and weeds) are returning with vigor, and I have no shivering regrets when I forget to grab a sweater before heading out the door.

I have only a few weeks left this semester, although that doesn't mean much as a graduate student. The research goes on... and on.... and on and on. (This is, however, my last semester of classes- I have finally met the credit requirements- woohoo!) Sometimes I really enjoy what I'm doing. Sometimes, I wonder if this is really what I want. I'm not really sure what else I'd rather do though. Carry on...

I am pretty good about maintaining a social life and staying involved in other things, but I really want to focus more energy on art. This blog is forcing me to realize how much I miss it. I haven't done much in the way of studio art for a long time; a painting here and there, perhaps, but that's about it. Photography has been a wonderful outlet for me, but I'm itchin' to get my hands dirty again on a regular basis.

I just started a project that involves an egg shell. That's a new one for me! Three-dimensional work has never been my strength, but who cares? Maybe I needed eggs for inspiration all along. This piece of egg-art will be a bit like a diorama (but hopefully not in a painful, kindergarten way).

I hope that some messy art projects will help me through days of window-less lab time during the summer.

I continue to enjoy all of the clever and artful things that I see on other blogs, and am inspired to invest my creative energy like so many of you. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

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